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  • Rhinoplasty Safety Consideration

    Date:2013-10-29 12:54:13 Click:197

    Dr Wang is one of most experienced expert on both autologous tissue harvesting and side effect control during autologous rhinopl......

  • Standard Position Photos for Better Diagnosis

    Date:2013-02-21 13:18:53 Click:2431

    In order to get well and effective consulting information for nose job patients, its better send us standard positionphotos. The......

  • Must know Before Appointment

    Date:2013-02-21 13:18:20 Click:722

    Tips: Dr. Ting Wang will not give your the MOST perfect nose in the world. Instead he will try his best to choose ONE nose that fi......

  • Nose Job Patients Far and Near

    Date:2012-08-03 16:25:59 Click:233

    some patients from other countries in Asian like Kuala Lumpur or other cities of Malaysia,Singapore,Jakarta or other parts of Indonesia,India,Philippines Japan and Korea etc.......

  • First night after surgery

    Date:2012-04-25 21:20:50 Click:254

    During the first night after rib cartilage rhinoplasty, you may feel sleepy. You may feel pain porobably only on cartilage harve......