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  • Autolugous Rib Cartilage Revision Nose Job Q&A

    Date:2012-07-12 15:55:37 Click:341

    Now I still unsatisfied with my wide ala insufficient projected and droopy nose tip a little crooked nose large nasolabial angle etc. And I'm planning to do maxilla plasty as well because of my maxilla and teeth protrusion. I'm touched by Dr. Wang's p......

  • Premaxillary Augmentation's Downside

    Date:2012-05-22 10:31:57 Click:255

    Dear Dr. Wang I am interested in having pre-maxillary augmentation. Can you tell me how this is done? is the incision made in th......

  • Nasal dorsal graft for patients with low profile

    Date:2011-11-29 13:28:23 Click:121

    For patients with low profile, nasal dorsal graft should be more flat too. In another words, hump should not be over-emphersized......

  • letters: nose job feeling as a real nose with video link

    Date:2011-09-17 09:00:12 Click:680

    Q: On a nose augmentation with almost the same touching feeling of a real nose, with only the tip moving. I would like to know w......

  • Second Rhinoplasty Surgery QA

    Date:2011-04-25 11:14:36 Click:264

    Q:Dear Doctor Wang Ting, I was impressed by the post surgery photos of your nose plastic surgery. I'm looking for a second rhino......