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  • Glabella and eyebrow augmentation improves facial contour after rhinoplasty

    Date:2013-05-11 09:49:58 Click:430

    Glabella augmentation improves facial contour after rhinoplasty. Glabella as well as eyebrow augmentation make Asian face less f......

  • Eyebrow bow and forehead augmentation

    Date:2012-09-14 10:27:27 Click:313

    Dr.Wang Ting: When some people shows their favorite beautiful noses to doctor, nomally they didn't find the difference between t......

  • Who do jaw surgery for me?

    Date:2012-04-30 23:00:14 Click:285

    Weprovidejaw reduction and genoiplasty as well as rhinoplasty. But not in the same day. If we want to have rhinoplasty and jaw s......

  • Facial and Mandibular Fractures

    Date:2008-11-08 23:48:01 Click:992

    The bones of the skull and face collectively make up the most complex area of skeletal real estate in the body. Analysis of the fractured face requires a knowledge of not only normal anatomy, but......

  • Facial feminization

    Date:2008-06-25 01:01:24 Click:271

    Facial feminization surgery attempts to shift the male facial patterns to more feminine patterns. The surgery involves many kinds of procedures, which will vary with each individual. The differences between male and ......