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  • Implants in Asian Rhinoplasty

    Date:2014-08-05 14:55:46 Click:1152

    The implants are applied in the Asian rhinoplasty involves silicone, Goretex, cartilage, dermis and so on. The available cartila......

  • Tips to revision

    Date:2013-12-31 11:42:08 Click:185

    If you are unhappy with a cosmetic surgery, you should usually wait for 3-6 months to redo it. The time is for swelling to subsi......

  • Augment the nasal base

    Date:2013-10-27 16:09:05 Click:578

    What material do you use to augment the nasal spine? If you use rib can't it push forward the subnasal even through scar tissue?......

  • Double sail incision narrows more ala

    Date:2013-05-29 09:23:31 Click:317

    Left side of nose wing, Double sail boat incision design improves alar narrowing result than traditional incision, right part of......

  • Reasons for Curving in Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty and Its Control

    Date:2013-04-24 15:11:41 Click:473

    Ask: I am interested in have a primary rhinoplasty using rib cartilage. I heard that warping is an issue for a lot of male patie......