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  • Revision rhinoplasty to built mixed blood result

    Date:2016-08-30 11:25:22 Click:218

    J uicy had her nose bridge raised by Goretex, tip reshaped by earcartilage 2 years ago in another institution. However she wasn'......

  • Will the tip be bendable after rib cartilage rhinoplasty?

    Date:2013-03-14 10:42:24 Click:370

    A 30 years old youth lady from Japan, Video her nose tip's flexibility 18month after her rib cartilage rhinoplay. Also at http:/......

  • [Video] 10 Months After Nose Surgery

    Date:2012-10-28 13:42:37 Click:351

    This young lady describe herself as an ordinary person, therefore she prefers a well-defined but natural appearance after nose surgery.......

  • [Video] Asian Rhinoplasty Pre-surgery Analysis

    Date:2012-10-16 16:21:14 Click:245

    Dr. Wang Ting's pre-surgery analysis video about Asian rhinoplasty with self rib cartilage......

  • [Video] Flexible Nose Tip Result of Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty

    Date:2012-09-13 14:40:16 Click:425

    Objective and comprehensive understanding of the nose job and characteristics of rhinoplasty materials, to avoid a blind choice and quick profit, will eliminate the unnecessary fear and excessive worry of nose surgery and recovery process. Smoothly sail through the recovery period......